Google 神經機器翻譯(GNMT)技術上線

今天發現,九月底喧騰一時的 Google 類神經學機器翻譯(Google neural machine translation, GNMT)技術,似乎已經上線了。我不是這領域的專家,但之所以認為新技術已經上線的原因,是因為當我把滑鼠放在譯文的某一個字時,它 highlight 的已經不是過去以詞語為基礎的機器翻譯(Phrase-Based Machine Translation, PBMT)技術時的「單字」,而是「句子」。另外,再讀一下機器翻出來的譯文,說真的這英文整體來說寫的並不會比我寫的差多少(不過,我的英文寫作本來就很一般,不能和專業的中翻英譯者相提並論)。我自己覺得,以這樣的譯文品質來說,將來中翻英走半自動化的可能性真的高出很多,機器翻出來只要讓人類幫忙修改即可,而且機器還可以根據人改出來的文章再學習、進步。





面對這種現象,以前的我總是比較悲觀,但現在我會用比較正面的角度看這件事:有取代、有更迭才有進步,才會催促人們發揮「創意」去開拓更多可能性,而這才是人和機器真正的差異所在。我還是覺得,人是活的,但人不是理所當然就就是活的,而是必須靠行動才能把生命力活出來。不管你在哪個領域工作,如果你開始看到、預見、耳聞自己的工作有被取代的癥兆,那麼與其擔心受怕,不如現在就嘗試多領域發展,為自己 do something 吧!


PS:為了應景,下面就附上本篇文章的 Google 翻譯,可以看出新技術還是有相當的侷限,很多地方翻得仍有問題。不過,新技術真的比之前的技術進步很多,起碼句子的意思可以大約讀出來:


I found today that the Google-like machine-translation technology (GNMT), which appeared at the end of September, seems to be on the line. I am not an expert in this field, but the reason why I think the new technology is on-line is that when I put the mouse on a word in a translation, it highlights not the past word-based machine translation (Phrase- Based Machine Translation “(PBMT) technology, but” sentences “. In addition, read the machine turned out of the translation, really speaking this English as a whole will not write much worse than I wrote (However, my English writing was very general, and professional translation can not be translated ). I think, to the quality of this translation, the future in the semi-automatic translation of the possibility of semi-automatic is much higher, as long as the machine turned out to help modify the human can, and the machine can also be based on people out of the article again study progress.

I know that some translators will worry about the machine if more and more powerful, people will be replaced by them. Seriously, I personally think that replacing or partially replacing it is the norm in today’s world. Or, if we look at the longer history, machinery, machinery to replace the human thing has been happening, but in the past is not so abundant labor force of the times, people happy to see this happen, but in today’s labor force is relatively abundant Of the world, the machine to replace human things let us fear. However, whether people are happy or afraid of the mood, this is the environment we have to face, and such things will happen more frequently and violently.

In the face of this phenomenon, I used to be more pessimistic, but now I will use a more positive perspective to see this matter: a replacement, there are changes to progress, will urge people to play “creative” to open up more possibilities Sex, and this is the real difference between people and machines. I still feel that people are living, but people are not taken for granted is living, but must rely on action to the vitality to live out. No matter where you work, if you start to see, foresee, hear their work has been replaced by symptoms, then rather than fear, it is better to try multi-field development, for yourself to do something!



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